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Our Success System

Message + Reach + Frequency + Consistency = Success

Advertising isn’t easy. It’s a calculated mixture of art and math and science. It is important to have experienced hands to guide you and Team W is here to simplify advertising for local businesses. Our most successful advertisers follow recommendations to utilize all four components of the Team W Success System. Let us team up with YOU to get on the winning track with:

success-failure signThe right message

  • attention grabbing
  • compelling
  • relevant
  • persuasive
  • memorable

The right delivery of the message

For the same budget:

  • more reach/less frequency
  • more frequency/less reach

How many people do you need to persuade? How many times do you need to talk to them before enough of them are thoroughly persuaded to do business with you? These things really matter. We can help you get the optimal combination of reach and frequency so your advertising can get you the results you need.

The consistency to get the job done

Your invitation to consumers should be relentless. Advertising should not end unless and until your doors are closed forever. It is important to have consistency in your advertising messages and scheduling. When advertising is done right, it is not a cost but an investment in the future of your business. Everybody knows what McDonald’s is and what they do, but the fast food giant got where it is today with relentless and consistent advertising. Worldwide, they invest in the future of their business at a rate of 1.5 million dollars every single day. It’s not the size of your investment that counts but the consistency of it. Successful advertisers never stop inviting customers.

The end of the frustrating “Spray and Pray” advertising approach

Unsuccessful businesses think advertising is a reaction to a lack of business and then they focus on finding cheap deals on ad space and time. They scatter a little bit here and a little bit there with little attention to the proper message, reach, frequency or consistency. It’s another one of those fundamental flaws that cause advertising failure.

Get where you want to go with a Team W Success System designed to meet your unique needs. Invest an hour or two in the future of your business. Call 785-228-7227 to reserve your Team W Discovery Session.  It’s FREE…and it WORKS!