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Radio Advertising Vs. Word of Mouth

Radio advertising is word-of-mouth evolved to its highest level.

It’s true that word-of-mouth can be the most effective selling tool you have. We’re all regularly influenced by family members, friends, neighbors, business associates, people we’ve let into our little circle of trust. But here are two problems with word-of-mouth, and solutions radio provides:

  1. IT’S SLLOOOOWW. Radio advertising is multiplied word-of mouth and speeds up the process with one-on-one communication to thousands of consumers at a time. You need big numbers of people who feel good about doing business with you.
  2. IT ISN’T ALWAYS POSITIVE. That trusted influence works both ways. We can avoid a certain merchant like the plague because of someone else’s bad experience, which spreads like wildfire in today’s connected society. Radio advertising helps control the direction and momentum of your word-of-mouth. The power of the spoken word makes frequent and consistent impressions so you can build strong relationships with prospective customers long before they even realize they need you. Your brand will be more resistant to anyone taking a negative shot at you.