1210 Executive Drive, Topeka KS

University Bird & Small Animal Clinic

“I credit all the growth to Team W. At least try it, it’s an investment, and financially, it’s been worth it.”

Sharp Honda

“We used to do all TV (advertising) – little bit of radio. Now it’s all Radio with you guys (94.5 Country and 580 WIBW using Team W) and a little bit of TV. Team W is directing us in the right way. It’s more image and longevity and consistency of…

Topeka Lasik Center

“They made the whole experience easy. After the brainstorming with Team W, they came back and we had an awesome campaign. After running the campaign, our phone calls definitely increased…the numbers increased…they were overwhelming and it was all because of Team W.” –Christy Emperley, Topeka Lasik Center

MK Minerals

“Team W listened and understood the product. That’s what impressed me the most, but the reality is it increased our sales by 20% and we also ran out of product at one point. Working with Team W gave us the confidence that it is the right way to deliver a…

Farmers State Bank

“We were hoping to get some direction from Team W and we were completely surprised to realize how easy it was to be creative with them. I’ve recommended Team W to several other professional people who have commented on how nicely our campaign has gone.” –Judy May, Farmers State Bank

Inland Business Systems

“When Team W came in they didn’t sell me stuff, they asked me questions to sell OUR stuff, which was the difference. We actually had to pull a couple of our ads because we couldn’t keep up with the business. People look at you like you’re crazy when you tell…

TK Magazine

“Team W was founded five years ago to offer an innovative marketing approach. The advertising team first works with the client to develop a strategic message and create effective advertisements. Only then, do they talk about buying airtime.“ —TK Magazine Spring 2012 TK Magazine called Team W “marketing superheroes.” –Summer…

Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center

“Team W is the complete package. It’s like having your own marketing team that you don’t have to pay for. If you’re looking to get your name out there, we say at least have a consultation and see what they can offer–it sure worked for us. Best I’ve ever seen, actually.” –Pat…