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A Sea of Sameness

Effective advertising is more than putting spots in a schedule–it needs to be unique, setting you apart from everyone else out there.

Hey, What’s the Big Idea?

You have nothing to lose but your competition.

Rise Above the Clutter

Standing out in the clutter of cookie-cutter advertisements is what good advertising will do–and what we do every day.

Business Fitness

Keeping your business healthy is a lot like keeping your body healthy. Consistent advertising helps your company become strong.

Radio Advertising Vs. Word of Mouth

Word-of-mouth is great when it’s in your favor. Radio advertising helps to ensure positive referrals.

Stop Bad Advertising

Advertising is more than just purchasing space or time.

Marathon Runners, Sprinters, and Salivating Dogs

Do you confuse consumers instead of training them?

Ad Speak

No one likes to hear the same-old ads filled with “ad speak.” Unique, powerful messages are what makes an advertisement memorable.

Bishop’s ADDY Award

ADDY Award Winner Joel Bishop and his Gold Medal!

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