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How We Help

The Team W process works due to our inquisitive approach, application of proven marketing principles, and holding an extremely high standard for what consumers hear and see about your business. Top it off with creative talent and experience so you get more than just bright ideas, you get the RIGHT ideas to help your business grow and prosper.

Your roadmap to more business starts with The Team W Discovery Session. This thorough Q&A helps us find and form the most effective communication strategies to connect with consumers and turn them into your customers. It’s always an eye opening meeting for us, for you, and your key people, too. Expect your Discovery Session to take 1 to 2 hours.

The next day in The Brainstorm, we find our strategic launch point. Inspired by the highlights of your Discovery Session, the wheels begin to turn, brandable chunks begin to surface, essential points are identified, and the real work begins.

The Teamwork Week is filled with collaboration. It’s an energetic exchange blending creativity with marketing strategy. Words combine to create powerful, attention-grabbing selling tools for your brand, products, and services. Team W carefully crafts memorable advertising ideas that articulate your unique message in the most compelling way.

A few days after your initial visit with us, we gather together again for The Reveal of your new advertising campaign. We’ll share ideas and recommendations to maximize growth opportunities using Team W’s Success System.

The Launch of your qualifying advertising campaign schedule on any of Alpha Media USA’s broadcast outlets keeps us teamed up with you, delivering ongoing advertising services every step of the way at no cost to you. There’s never a charge for any meeting, or the work that follows–Alpha Media outlets pay us because they know that better advertising makes better advertisers.

Time to plant The Seed. You haven’t called us yet? 785-228-7227