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Marathon Runners, Sprinters, and Salivating Dogs

Remember the story of Pavlov’s Dog? Ivan Pavlov rang a bell while rubbing meat paste on the tongue of his dog. The experiment was repeated day after day after day. Soon, the dog associated the sound of the bell with the taste of meat. The dog’s salivation became the conditioned response to the sound of the bell.

Pavlov didn’t realize it but the association of the bell with the enjoyable taste of meat is exactly the way branding works. Over time, with consistency and frequency, the sound of the bell meant it was time for Rover to eat. Does your bell ring in all of your advertising, or do you confuse consumers with a ring here, a buzz there, here a honk, there a click, everywhere a boing-boing?

Find something for consumers to respond to…something unmistakably yours and repeat it over and over and over…day after day after day in all of your advertising. A well-constructed, well-delivered, unique message can run effectively with consistent repetition all year long…even year after year. Radio is best used for running marathons. Too many try to use it as a sprinter, promoting specials and sale prices and deals and honks and clicks and boing-boings without ringing a bell consistently to get consumers salivating for the enjoyable taste of what you have to offer. We can make you famous if you let us!